Everyone Is Going Through Something

Life is a series of experiences from which we learn but it can be a lonely place sometimes. But knowing you are not alone was my saving grace many years ago and I would love everyone to feel this connection as it’s like having a great big beautiful hug.

It is a connection to a powerful energy which is difficult to explain but a connection to your higher self is part of your inner wisdom, which include your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions. Each experience you are going through is part of your life’s plan as we need the good and the difficult to understand the difference. Plus to appreciate the joys of friendship and love to share some of those moments.

Imagine walking around with a placard saying ‘do you know what has just happened to me’ as I feel sad or happy today because everyone else is so wrapped up in their own life’s experiences that sometimes it is hard to share how you feel.

If you are buzzing with excitement it is so much easier to share and shout about but if something hurts inside or something you have struggled with all your life is stopping you moving on, then I maybe able to help or friends will have a listening ear if you dare to ask.

How many of you reading this will say “Oh I can’t bother them because they are so busy” but if they knew your feelings, then I am sure they would take the time to listen. Just sharing your feelings sometimes can create an enormous shift as if the load has lifted from your shoulders even if they can’t help alter your situation. But so often we don’t like to ask for help. I was one of those people for many years but then I realised that I would always help others if I can but receiving love is not always easy. Sometimes it is easier to give than receive but it is important to have a balance of both.

I remember vividly the day after my dad died I crashed my car but of course the person whom I drove into had no idea of why I had a moment of lack of concentration. They could not alter my situation and if I had told them I would have burst into tears but all I wanted to shout was ‘do you know what I have just gone through’ but of course they would have felt guilty that they couldn’t do anything so what was the point.

So I think I am trying to say please don’t ever be judgemental of others as everyone is going through something. That is part of life and we can get through what ever is thrown at us because it is just an experience we need to explore but there is always some one listening up above in a higher realm of consciousness so we really are never alone. That’s not a scary thought – that’s a beautiful one if you want to feel that connection and understand your life better.

Sheila Steptoe

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I have heard many speakers over the years but I have to say you really captivated the audience in a way I have only witnessed once or twice before. The audience was mesmerized, inspired and the energy in the room was fantastic. Thank you and it was a priviledge to be a part of the event.


Janice Brown

Sales & Marketing Professional