Master Your Own Destiny with Sheila Steptoe


Originally only in print but now available as a digital download the Master Your Own Destiny course will, quite literally, change your life. Created by successful author and mentor, Sheila Steptoe, based on her best-selling book this is now an extremely popular home study course and practical workshops. Sheila’s gentle guidance will inspire you to look at your life with a different perspective and unlock an amazing future.

This is a nine-module course that can be studied at your leisure –  the recommended minimum study period is nine weeks. You will follow a practical step-by-step programme for examining your life and exploring your future. Each module contains teaching, case studies and exercises, along with reflections and affirmations you can use every day. Designed to work in manageable bite-sized sections, the course requires around one to two hours per week.

Included are accompanying introductions and guided visualisations with Sheila.



Module One: Your Awakening
Life Review – where are you now?
Your Awakening
Discovering Spirit
The Power of Meditation
Thoughts Are Like Radio Signals

Module Two: Core Conditioning
Rags To Riches
Peeling The Onion
Relationships & Peer Pressure
Outside Conditioning & Limiting Beliefs
Fear of Success
Putting The Past Behind You

Module Three: The Power of your Mind
The Power Of Your Mind
Conscious, Subconscious and Beyond
Reprogramming The Mind
Your Mind And Your Emotions
The Energy Around You
Your Mind’s Connection To Your Heart

Module Four: Believing in Yourself
Embracing Change
The Importance of Praise
What Is Self-Belief?
Passion, Purpose & Confidence
Body Language & The Art of Listening
What Do YOU Believe?

Module Five: Appreciating Life
The Wonder of Life
Dealing With Challenges
The Anger Issue
Stop Those Relationship Disasters
The Power of Tolerance

Module Six: The Grand Design
Life Path Stages
Your Vision Board
Freedom and Free Will
Your True Life Purpose
The Entrepreneur In You
Becoming Connected

Module Seven: Goal Setting
What Are Goals?
Wants, Needs & ‘Amples’
There’s Only So Much Time
Secrets Of Successful People
Your Life Plan
Baby Steps To Success

Module Eight: Your Spiritual Self
We Are All One?
Your Soul Family
Spiritual Extras
Spirit & Healing
A Guided Way of Life
Inspiring Your Soul

Module Nine: You Can Do This Too!
My Life Journey
Past, Present and Future
Universal Spiritual Laws
Putting Your Life Plan To Work
The Beginning of Your Journey
Final Assessment