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A FREE initial consultation to see which package is right for you – and also if we are right for each other –

The whole day powerful session in person – £150 – either in  – London/Essex/Kent/Cambridge/Herts which is payable in advance.


One-2-One via Zoom for 2 hours – £100

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Having a personal mentor is one of the absolute best and quickest ways of getting direction in life and achieving what you want.

Ultimately, YOU hold the key to the answers but having support can be the catalyst for change.

Sheila can guide you through your personal journey offering inspiration, ideas and support. Whatever your background or situation, personal and spiritual coaching will help you evaluate your choices by exploring many different options together. It can give you a whole new meaning to life and heal you if need be from a difficult experience.

In life there are moments and decisions that powerfully shape your future. In such moments, it is important to make the right choices. Perhaps you want to start a new career, to move, start a new business or just generally change direction in life.

Or you may have suddenly ‘woken up’ to life and felt a beautiful spiritual connection and want to learn more?

I firmly believe that it is important to give you your own space which will empower you to find your own truth and what resonates within. No one path is ‘the way’ as we are all so different. but I would love to guide you on your own journey.

I also love to help you connect and open up something inside of you which is your higher vibration. You can then learn to hear the whispers of your soul. click here to read more- Awaken your Sixth Sense – your Inner Guidance System.

I offer a premium service that utilizes face-to-face or over the telephone personal development sessions, to suit you!

My individually tailored service is as unique as you are. I will help YOU discover who YOU REALLY ARE and how YOU can bring meaning to your life and achieve your goals, exploring options and approaches for achieving the results you seek.

I will help you regain life balance back into your personal and/or professional life. With my support, encouragement and challenging you along the way, it will inspire you to take your own actions.

I promise I will focus 100% on you, support you, listen to you, be non-judgmental of you, encourage you and focus on what you want from life, motivating you and empowering you to come up with your own answers. I will show you new ways of thinking, feeling, and yes I may prompt you with a new idea, or thought, but ultimately it will be YOUR decision.

Am I promising the impossible? NO!

I will not be solving any of your problems, only guiding and helping you to reveal how to solve your own life’s challenges.

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In person (London/Essex/Kent/Cambridge/Herts), One-2-One via Zoom (2 hours)