Creating Abundance – Seven Simple Steps

Abundance Consciousness is the state of being where you can dream your life into being from the inside out. You know you are the author and creator of your life and you can access all the resources you need from within.

It is a state of being where you feel and experience yourself connected to a friendly loving and supportive universe. You know how to trust the greater intelligence that guides all life. This comes to you through using your intuition which is your inner guidance system. When you live this way you will feel naturally more in the flow, more resourceful, you are more connected to your higher self and authentic values. This can help make you feel more inspired and on purpose. From this higher state of vibration you will attract an abundance of what you need and want. love and joy and flow as well as tangible things such as enough money, supportive friends, opportunities and inspiring projects or work.

A Seven Step Process for Creating more Abundance

Step 1: Know what you want; train your mind to focus on outcomes rather than solving problems. This includes creating a bigger dream for your life, through visualization which is a powerful tool. When you visualize – you materialise.

Step 2: Raise your energy. Love and appreciate what you already have in your life that you enjoy and feel grateful for. Focus on what inspires you. Focus on your gifts and strengths and what you have already achieved. Concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives. Keep praising yourself as you achieve each step.

Step 3: Let go of your Resistance, as it is natural to resist your dreams. When you become more conscious of what forces within you are moving you away from your dream then you are in a better position to make new choices in line with what you want. Say no to the parrot that maybe sitting on your shoulder saying “I can’t” “You’re silly” “What if you fail” etc. Learn to listen to your ‘self talk’.

Step 4: Focus on the end result of what you want rather than the process, and get sensual in that you practice seeing, hearing and feeling the end result. Start taking small steps as they are believable and therefore achievable. Nothing has to be too daunting as you start to maybe step outside your comfort zone.

Step 5: Connect to the power of the Universe; use a meditation technique to connect to the power of the universe around you and connect to your higher self. Mediation doesn’t have to be hours on end but just taking the time for stillness of your mind will start to create amazing ideas popping into your head!

Step 6: Let go of attachment as to how your end result will come to you. This is important, and this step is where many people get in the way of the creation process. Get your ego out of the way and just allow what you want to come to you in the right way and at the right time. Often the Universe will bring better results than you could have even imagined!

Step 7: Then just take the obvious action when the right timing and opportunity comes along. Until then trust, believe and have faith but you also need to work towards your goals and not just sit back and expect things to happen. Knowing what you want is the key as you need to define your message. So often people don’t really know what they want but this is an important part of the creation. How else can the Universe bring your dreams to reality if they don’t know what they are!

Make your dreams and goals realistic and you maybe surprised how different your life can be. Going with the flow of life rather than swimming against the tide is so beautiful and powerful you will soon wonder why you hadn’t done this before. Nothing is impossible if you have the right mind-set, determination and faith in yourself and the Universe to manifest your abundance. Try it and see!

Sheila Steptoe

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